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About YahCharts

YahCharts "YahCharts.exe" began as a simple private project in mid 2007. Its core function was to mimic the charting features and utilise the free market data provided by the Yahoo Finance website.

It's important to note that YahCharts was not (nor will it be) meant to be a full-featured charting platform. It's aim has, and always will be, simplicity.

In 2011 YahCharts underwent a complete re-build for a university software engineering project spanning the entire year. It has always been the author's intent to provide YahCharts free to the general public in hope that you will find it as useful as they have. Time constraints had delayed the BETA release until 2016 and the first public release until 2017.

During this period, YahCharts has been used by the author and a small group of friends to monitor global investments and indices. YahCharts stores market data locally so that an internet connection is not always required to view/study/analyse market prices. An internet connection is required to download price data/updates from the Yahoo Finance website.

We hope you find YahCharts useful. It's completely ad/nag free and does not contain any viruses or malware. We encourage you to verify all software that you download and install through a reputable virus scanner.